BuffaloSoldiers Detroit

BuffaloSoldiers Detroit

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They Worked and Fought Hard

The Buffalo Soldiers life was one of hard work and dedication. With the odds stacked against them they fought to defend a country that did not see them as equals. So they fought not only with the hope to one day be accepted as equals, but for the pride that came with defending the country that they loved. Click on the TV links on the left to learn more about these great soldiers.

BuffaloSoldiers Detroit

Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Center

21800 Joy Rd.

Detroit MI 48228

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Our resident re-enactor, James Mills, takes pride in putting on his uniform to speak to groups about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers. He likes to engage the youth in conversations about the history and their school studies, especially.  The horses and stable are managed by the horse owners/volunteers.  It is a place of serenity and welcomes all to our calming space. As we look to continue to promote History and Horses, we want to be that place that encourages people to get outdoors and enjoy the parks, nature trails, walking, and biking. High school students are encouraged to volunteer at our barn also.

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